Detroit Pontiac International Airport (PTC)

Detroit Ponitac International Airport is a planned international airport to be located in the north part of the Detroit Metropolitan Area and is a direct competitor to Detroit Metro Airport. It will be one of the largest hubs for Atlanta based Hite Pink Airlines and will serve Europe, Asia, South America, and North America. It will primarily cater to people flying to Europe from the northeast without having to go through a major east coast hub, which Hite Pink Airlines currently will lack. It will also be a major midwestern hub serving north Detroit, northern Michigan, and western Michigan. It will have direct access to I-96 and I-75 and is located less than 5 miles from the city of Pontiac.It will also be a cargo hub due to its proximity to GM plants.

It will cater primarily to Hite Airlines Alliance, International Carriers, and Low Cost Carriers due to its central location in eastern Michigan. It will have four parallel runways and two cross runways in addition to two terminals. It will also have on site hotels and rental car facilities. The airport will have 150 gates overall. A new airport or aerotropolis is planned because of increasing capacity needs at the airport and a new airport may be required for new construction or expansion. There is limited gate space at the current airport to handle future demands. The airport will have a similar runway layout to Detroit Metro to ease concerns about flight paths.

The first terminal will have 120 gates. 60 gates will be regional gates and 30 will be for international flights, with the remaining 30 for domestic use. It will house Hite Airlines and International Carriers. It will have 8 concourses of 15 gates each

The second terminal will have 30 gates and will be used for low cost carriers and other domestic flights. It will have 2 concourses of 15 gates each.

Top domestic destinations are planned to be to: Atlanta, Orlando, Las Vegas, New York, C-City, Chicago, Dallas, Charlotte, Phoenix, Minneapolis, and Denver.

Top international destinations are planned to be to: Tokyo, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Toronto, Vancouver, Shanghai, Paris, London, Montreal, and Cancun.

The airport will be served by a new beltway that will connect the airport to I-96 to the south and to I-75 to the north. It will also be served by a planned regional train system in addition to taxi and bus service. There will be hotels located on site. The airport is planned to be constructed over 10 years at an approximate cost of 3 billion dollars. It will require the removal of farms, trees, and houses for an airport site.