How can we stop being depressed or anxious?

The CIA was recently ousted for a report that was said to the senate about torture practices that occurred under their watch to people who may or may not have been guilty of any crimes. It has put a lot of people on edge. It has made many people sad and it has made other people anxious for what is to happen. These two characteristics go against how we should think. It is said that those who live in the past are depressed and those who live in the future are anxious. Rather than dealing with those and all the ill effects that come with it, we should think in the present. What is happening now? What can I do about it? You can be angry, but what has been done is done. It just serves as an impetus for us to work harder in the future to prevent these from happening. That should be all of our end goals in life. We can’t do anything about the past and we cannot successfully predict the future, rather, we should focus on our present situation and we should do what we can to prevent the same mistakes from happening after our present time.