How can we make sense of the things that do not make sense?

Ken Ham’s Theme Park that was attached to the Creation Museum in Kentucky, the Noah’s Ark Experience, was denied a tax break by the state of Kentucky, which I think is a good thing. It did not make sense that this park would receive any tax breaks despite it being a part of a non-profit organization. The project is too large, will generate too much revenue, and has indicated that it would screen future employees based on religion. We can make sense out of this, which does not make sense, by using logic and reason as a part of our life. Something like Noah’s Ark only comes about as a result of denying some part of the logic of the individual. It is sure to bring a lot of people that would believe in the same thing, but it won’t get off tax free thankfully. It is the first step into realizing how big the business of religion has become, which has caused many Americans to lose their own spirituality and to deny it outright.