How can we spread the kindness around?

Pope Francis suggested today that all animals will go to heaven. While some Christians may dispute that, there is something that I think we can learn about all pets about kindness. We as humans are some of the most unkind creatures on this earth. Our place at the top of the food chain allows us to basically do what we want to the environment around us. We can learn from animals because of their kindness towards us, especially from pets that we hold to high esteem. The animals do not make any sort of division among themselves. We can learn from them and do the same thing to our fellow man and to the animals and environment around us. If that is indeed true, according to Pope Francis, they got there through their kindness towards all around them. That is what we must take away from statements like that. It is not about faith and religious works, like religions around the world suggest, but it is really about kindness towards all around us.