Lincoln National Airport (PET)

Lincoln National Airport is a planned international airport to be located east of Peotone, Illinios, and is the much anticipated south suburban airport in the Chicago metropolitan area. It will work with Chicago O Hare and Chicago Midway to provide air service to the region. It will also serve the rest of Illinois better due to its location south of the metro area.

It will serve about 150 destinations in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. It will also be the headquarter airport of Hite Red Airlines, which will also house its headquarters, call center, and maintenance facilities. It will also serve as an emergency landing spot for the Chicago area when the main control center goes out. It will be built by the Hite Transportation Corporation over about 10 years at a cost of 3 billion dollars and it will be owned by the Hite Corporation. It will primarily cater to low cost carriers and to Hite Red Airlines. It will also play host to charter airlines and private jets which would otherwise be restricted at other area airports.

The airport will have four runways in an East-West formation and a terminal complex in the middle that consists of a single passenger terminal and four concourses in the tarmac connected by underground train. There is also a train system that connects the terminal to high speed rail stations, rental car facilities, and remote parking.

There will be 120 gates on four concourses to start with and the possibility to extend it to ten concourses and 300 gates. Each concourse will have 30 gates and will serve different airlines.

  • Concourse A: Hite Airlines Mainline
  • Concourse B: Hite Airlines Express
  • Concourse C: Hite International and other International Airlines
  • Concourse D: Domestic Airlines

The airport will have a large cargo operation as well. It has more space to engage in operating and distribution and it has easy access to warehouses on the south side of the city in addition to access to I-80.

Top international destinations are planned to be to London, Toronto, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Cancun, Mexico City, Paris, and Montreal.

Top domestic destinations are planned to be to New York, Los Angeles, C-City, San Francisco, Dallas, Miami, Boston, Minneapolis, Washington D.C., Phoenix, and Denver.

The airport is served by an expressway connecting the airport to I-57, which is about 3 miles west of the site. It is also served by a planned high speed rail, a planned commuter rail extension, bus, and taxi service. It will be built near Bult Field, which is planned to be decommissioned upon completion of the airport.