How can we reach out in love and do what we think is right?

Bill Nye fears for the youth of the United States and around the world who are being indoctrinated into the ‘science’ of Creationism. He has been on the attack against the fundamentalist world since his debate with Ken Ham, who is currently building a theme park based on Noah’s Ark, which he believes actually happened. Bill Nye is clearly doing what he thinks is right and he is trying to reach out to the most difficult people to convince. It is clear that he loves these people, but how do we know what is right? Christians reach out in love too, but remember that evil will come in the name of love. The opposite sides will reach out in the same emotion to get the same response and this has been warned by many texts and religions throughout history. We need to think about what would actually be more detrimental. To me and to the majority of the world, we need to look to our inherent curiosity and we need to continue to look for questions and not answers. We are not meant to have all the answers, so we need to look for the hardest questions to ask. Do what you think is right and you will see the world through a new set of eyes.