Boston Worchester International Airport (BWR)

Boston Worchester International Airport is a planned International Airport to be located west of Boston and east of Worchester along interstate 90. It is planned to be a relief airport for Boston Logan International Airport, in addition to being a preferred gateway for low-cost carriers, Hite Airlines, and long haul carriers unable to use the original airport.

It is planned to be a major east coast hub for Hite Blue Airlines in addition to being a gateway from New England to Europe and Asia. It is also planned to have a large presence of low cost carriers. It is planned to be built over 12 years at a cost of 5 billion dollars. It will be built, owned, and operated by the Hite Corporation. Its primary purpose is to serve as a hub for Hite Airlines and to supplement Boston Logan in accommodating international traffic that is increasing in the region.

The airport is planned to start out with 100 gates with a potential expansion to 300 gates. It will start out with two concourses of 50 gates each in between two sets of parallel runways on each side of the airfield. There will be four runways in total. There will also be a sizeable cargo and charter operation as well. There is one terminal and two concourses in the first phase.

  • Concourse A: Domestic Carriers, International Carriers
  • Concourse B: Hite Airlines, Express, and International Operations

Busiest Planned International Routes are: London, Paris, Toronto, Dubai, Dublin, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Rome, Tokyo, and Hong Kong

Busiest Planned Domestic Routes are: Chicago, Washington DC, Atlanta, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Charlotte, New York, Los Angeles, and Baltimore

The road is planned to be connected to interstate 90 by road and will also be connected by a planned regional rail connector and high speed rail connector. It is also planned to be connected by bus to Boston and Worchester. It will also be connected by limo and taxi service. It will also have a rental car facility and hotels on site and nearby. It will also have operations and maintenance centers for Hite Airlines and Hite Blue Airlines services.