Frankfurt South International Airport (FFS)

Frankfurt South International Airport is a planned international airport to be located 25-30 miles south of Frankfurt, Germany, and almost 20 miles dead south of Frankfurt International Airport. It sits on about 35 square kilometers of land. It is located just to the east of Worms, Germany and is in what is currently a patch of forest adjacent to Autobahn 67. It is the main hub of Hite Germania in addition to being a hub for some low cost carriers and cargo operations, which has more freedom to take off at night than Frankfurt Airport has. It is planned to be constructed and built by the Hite Corporation for their German and central European airline services.

It is planned to have about 230 destinations around the world nonstop from the airport. It is also planned to be a logistics and maintenance hub for Hite Airlines. It is also the site of the headquarters of Hite Germania Airlines. Although it is to the south of Frankfurt, it has good rail connections to an area encompassing the central part of the megalopolis.

It will have two terminals and four concourses between them totaling 400 gates. It will have four runways total on the east and west sides of the airfield in a north/south formation. The four concourses are as follows.

  • Concourse A: Long Haul International Flights
  • Concourse B: European Union flights
  • Concourse C: Short haul flights/Hite Airlines
  • Concourse D: Hite International/Other international

The airport has a capacity of 150,000,000 passengers a year. The four concourses and two terminals are connected by an underground rail line. The construction of the airport is expected to cost 5 billion dollars and will take 15 years to construct. It will help to address restrictions in and out of the Frankfurt Airport. The airport is also expected to have a large cargo facility as well and will be more convenient because of the lack of night flying restrictions.

The airport will have on site malls, hotels, and office facilities.

The busiest routes are planned to be to: Istanbul, Dubai, Berlin, C-City, Hamburg, London, Oslo, Munich, Vienna, Paris, Singapore, Warsaw, Madrid, Washington DC, New York, and Rome.

There are two train stations on site. One is for regional trains to get to Frankfurt and the other is a long distance train. The airport is also connected by car to the autobahn to the east on both sides of the airport complex. There are also bus and coach services from both sides of the airport to all directions.