How can we express ourselves in a more meaningful way?

Ken Ham goes on the attack today in reaction to recent things done by the State of Kentucky and by Bill Nye expressing their disdain for the Ark Encounter and the type of message that it will send to the outside world. Even though both of these entities have different things to be worried about, Ken Ham insists that he will continue to fight for his worldview, his values, and his case for it being a tax free enterprise. Although he seems to be sincere about his belief system, he is not using his time for his better judgment. He is not expressing himself in a way that will benefit others, no matter what your worldview actually is. In order to express yourself fully in a way that other people will appreciate, you have to be authentic with your intentions and actions. Honesty is the best virtue that you can express. Ken Ham does not seem to be honest in dealing with his Ark Encounter. There is more to this situation than what we are told.