LineUp is a proposed GPS-based geographical navigation application program for smartphones with GPS support and display screens which provides information regarding line length and wait times at bars, restaurants, concert venues, and other establishments. It is updated and supported by participating restaurants in addition to user comments regarding line length and wait times. It was developed as an idea in 2014 by Ryan Hite, Molly Mitchell, Emily Breaker, Abby Nelson, and Wesley Montag for a business group project, but then taken by an application startup company and financed by the Hite Corporation to develop infrastructure based off software that it already owns on platforms that they already developed. It is supported by all major platforms for smartphone devices.

It was founded in 2014 and the intellectual property from the app was taken to a company that develops apps and is financially and operationally controlled by the Hite Corporation after a $50 million dollar investment composed over a few rounds.

LineUp differs from other apps similar to this because of its ability to tell the user in a friendly format as to what restaurants are busy and what restaurants are not based on a color coded system on a complete map. The app will be released using mapping software encompassing entire countries as restaurants start to use it and people start commenting on it. It also sends real time information to users regarding nearby events and alert users as to what areas are particularly busy by honing in on the GPS data released by smartphones.

The goal for the application is to sell it to a company that has mapping software, but it will use software based off mapping software owned and operated by Mapman Maps, which is a subsidiary of the Hite Corporation.