How can we get through the complexities of our life?

America’s Second Most Famous Catholic, Stephen Colbert, stepped away from the Colbert Report after nine years of showing the true America. Underneath all the jokes and satire, he has shown us the complexity of the country and of the human spirit with his view on news stories. He has the ability to bring about change through his influence, but it is something to think about as we go through our lives. There are at lease two sides to every story and it is often seen that we as humans seem to not understand that. The only reason that I take seemingly insignificant events so seriously is because I think that it is important to see the events that lead up to something happening in your life, which is something that can have significant effects resulting from significant buildup. Think about those times in your life and think about the implications of the events that happen that lead up to and result from those events. It could very well change the outlook that you have on your life. If you open yourself up to all sides, you will have a better outlook on life and a better way of looking at things in the world.