How can we see the truth in the beauty of it all?

Pope Francis is keen on supporting an Olympic Bid for Rome in 2024, but says that he will not be around to see it happening. This is one of many times that he indicated that he does not have long to last in the world, but he is still making the most of it. It reminds us that we will not be around forever and that we need to constantly look for ways to leave our legacy in good standing. Pope Francis has made a good legacy for himself, especially among the millennial block. He is also popular among more liberal Catholics while not changing the Church’s stance on any social issues. He has been very successful in bringing out the best of us and the worst of us, which is what we need to look at. That is what we look for when thinking about leaving a legacy. There are good things that we can do in our life and there are bad things that we can do in our life and each of these decisions will make an impact on your life and life after your death.