How can we hear the call of our voice to do something?

Pope Francis was called to do something shocking to the Curia of the Vatican by laying out a list of woes that Francis hopes will be fixed by the Curia in the coming weeks. His woes stem from his continuing presence to shift the power of the Vatican away from those that he deems to be corrupt. Instead of Christmas cheer, he is calling for doom and gloom. This is just one instance of many that he has made in the face of such powerful opposition taking his stance for what he thinks is right. Although many of us are too afraid to do something like this, we should have more courage to stand for what we think is right. Sometimes, I am brutally honest in my dealings, but I want people to know that I do what I do because I care about people. I come across as mean, but people need to hear the message sometimes. When our voices are screaming for us to do something, it does not give us permission to do it outright, but it will give cause for us to think and to consider the actions. We should always listen to that ‘gut feeling’, for I think that it is how the other side of our dual nature shines the most. We need to listen to our spiritual side, for it is that side which will matter the most in the end.