How are we able to better embrace miracles?

There are many stories and myths around this time of the year that are predicated on miracles happening. The two most famous myths to come out of this time are the miracle of Hanukkah and the miracle of Christmas. There is nothing that can verify the truth of these miracles outside of the records of books that may or may not be accurate, but there is always something to learn from these miracles on our life. Although they are hard to prove, miracles happen to almost everyone. I have been and am in the process of miracles that change my life all the time, mainly from the people that I meet and the influence that I have from them. The point remains the same, however. We do not need to embrace miracles, but we do need to recognize that we do have things occur in our life, not because we necessarily deserve them, but we do not expect them to happen and these things improve our life and our outlook on it. I am certainly in that field and I can say that I continue to expect the things that are unexpected.