How can we consider other people in our decisions?

Ultra Orthodox men delay a flight again today because they would not sit next to female passengers per their religious traditions. I personally side with the airline in this case because they do not need to be forced to submit to the will of these men. If they needed to sit away from women, they should have bought extra tickets, but it is a sensitive issue. Not all Jews are like this, but we need to recognize the needs of these people because they exist. Like many things in life, we should not throw anything under the carpet. In our day to day life, we need to think of the ideals and values of others, even if we do not honor or respect them for it. It is our duty to accommodate them, but we should also tell them why it is not right. The employees of Delta should have considered the ultra-orthodox, but it is up to them to remind us of it and we do not have to honor their requests if they did not take the initiative ahead of time. It is all about planning and that planning will lead to better decisions.