The Hero’s Journey: The Two Worlds

One of the major themes of the Hero’s Journey is the difference between the two worlds. The beginning and the end of the journey are in the ordinary world and usually involve a hero that is also remarkably similar. In the middle of the story, the hero goes into the special world, which is where the hero will change from an ordinary person to a more extraordinary person. At the end, the hero returns to the ordinary world, but they are no longer an ordinary person to match. This transition from the ordinary to the extraordinary happens with the hero and with the world. In the life of the Christs, it is the battle between the heavens, the earth, and usually the underworld. As we go through our life, we need to think about the differences between these two worlds because it is something that defines who we are. As humans, we have the ability to transition and to think about the connection between these two worlds. These are immensely important in my life and in the lives of all the people who are born and go through this world. This type of connection was exemplified with the life of the Christs when they are talking about the spiritual world and the normal world. It is something that can be exemplified in our own lives as well. We can turn from an ordinary person to an extraordinary person while living in the same world, but looking at the world through two distinct perspectives. It is these perspectives that are exemplified in these stories and it is something that we are all capable of.