How can we better face our problems?

In the eyes of many evangelical church bodies, there is a huge problem facing these churches from the LGBT end. Many of these churches tell their LGBT congregants to stay celibate, which is control that is crumbling away from the hands of the leaders. LGBT youth and this type of spirituality is becoming ever more popular, even among those who adhere to Christian beliefs. It is something that the older members of these churches and church leaders are grappling with. They realize that they cannot understand this social change and many have softened their stance against members of this community. We cannot put this movement under the rug and forget about it. It is something that is becoming more popular and it is something that we cannot fight and expect to win. We all have problems in our life that we would just like to push under the rug. The unfortunate thing is that these problems just keep popping up and it is something that will eventually overwhelm us if we are not careful. The best thing that we can do is to face these problems head on and try to do our best to either solve them or adapt to the changing situations that are occurring around us. We will either rise or fall based on those precepts. It is something that we need to face every day so that we do not face a challenge that is too overwhelming to us and we can face the hard decisions easier. Those decisions could very well determine the direction and duration of our life.