The Hero’s Journey: The Inner Journey

In addition to having the outer journey as a part of the Hero’s Journey, it is also important to note the inner changes that happen to them as well. These things are hard to discern when reading the stories of the Christ, but that is where we come in. When we emulate elements of the lives of these people, we will note the change within ourselves as well. We can also read about them, but we have to read really deeply and carefully within these texts. We need to look at what happened before and after so that we can look into the minds of the Christs. In my life, the biggest changes that came with my journey happened on the inside. The inner journey is the journey that we will all go down because it is something that cannot be said. Religion should be focused on the experiences of the individual, in which the outside should be a display of our inner spirituality. Spirituality is what we should always focus on over the religions that we choose to express ourselves in. The Hero, in addition to going through the 12 steps of the outer journey that we all see in pictures, books, and film, the hero also goes through the 12 steps of the inner journey that reflects the things that happen. It is something that we constantly need to keep in mind as we go through our lives and we look at the art that is around us. It is not just about what happens, but it is also about the thoughts that came with them, most of which we are unable to see.