How can we learn to stop overthinking?

Pope Francis is making a statement today as he comes out in strict opposition to the death penalty, which is something that is again becoming a hot issue in the United States and around the world. This issue should not be that big of a deal, but it has become one because of the inhumanity of knowingly killing another human being. Although it is wrong to do so, there are just some people that I believe are too far gone. I am guilty of overthinking some things about my life, but it is something that is on the hearts and minds of many people on some topics. We will overthink many things in our life, but it not a healthy habit to get into. It is not healthy because it does not lead to a normal life and it is something that will affect us in a negative way. I am proof of that because the things that I overthink are the things that are the most negative aspects of my living. We tend to think about the things of our life a lot and it is because we are thinking creatures and we have the capacity to think of our life in a spiritual and abstract manner. There are many positives to that way of thinking and there are also a lot of negative aspects to it as well. It is our job to take advantage of the positives fully and to suppress the negative aspects of our life and of the way that we think of our place in society.