How can we balance thinking in our life?

Considering the conflict in Nigeria between the increasing numbers of Christians and Muslims and the conflict with Boko Haram, it is surprising that the massive amount of Christians in the country are backing a Muslim president. It is surprising, but it is also a reflection of the things that are important to the people as a whole. In this life, we tend to focus too much on the things that are not that important and we do not spend too much time on things that are not that important. It is something that reflects an imbalance in our life because it is something that reflects our nature. I am guilty of doing things like that in our life and it is up to us to think about the things that are actually important. It will help us in our search for the truth. In addition to doing good and not doing harm, we need to search out and find the truth, even if it hurts us in our life. It is something that is important because it will help us in this life and it will potentially help us in the next life. Searching out the truth about who we are and our place in life is important, so we should not focus our time and energy on the things that do not matter to us in the end. Many of us do, and it is something that will consume and hurt us and it is something that we should take serious consideration into.