How can we stop focusing on the precise things?

A new law in Indiana allows for businesses to discriminate against LBGT people in their businesses based on the religious beliefs of their owners. Although there are many CEO’s who are religious who understand and respect the rights of all people, there are some small businesses that choose to put their personal beliefs ahead of their professional connections and their professional life and choose to discriminate against certain people. It is not okay to do that, mainly because it crosses many lines that should not be crossed. It is okay to express your religious views, it is never okay to discriminate in your professional life in a society that is mixed in many ways. We need to stop focusing on these oppressed minority groups and we need to stop putting blame on those societies. One of the hallmarks of a dictatorship is the oppression of a minority group for the favor of a majority group. It is not okay to focus on the precise things because it takes away from our focus on the big picture. In our life, it is not okay for us to focus on the little things in life because it wil take away from the things in life that really do and should matter. In the long run, we should focus on our life goals and we should look for the things that we love. What happens in between that is something that we cannot fully control and it brings us to the decisions that really matter. It is those points that we should focus on, but often don’t.