How can we make sure our answers do not turn into questions?

Indiana recently passed a bill that discriminates against gays under the guise of religious freedom. It is something that not too many people took kindly despite it being brought up in many other statehouses and mostly shot down. There are some churches that are even speaking out against the bill because of the true nature of the bill in question. It is never ever a good thing to discriminate against another person, but is it okay to also speak out against them for doing so? We live in a world that is so diverse in views and we need to understand that there are some views that are different than the views of others. Even though something like this happened, it will one day be repealed because it is the culture in which we live in and the culture in which we will eventually come to. The answers that the lawmakers hoped to bring with the passing of this bill just brought along more questions about the world in which we live. It is not something that we should take lightly, but it is something that we need to consider. Even though there are people out there who have differing views, their ideals and values are just as valid as ours are. We need to understand that this journey is about being a part of something that is bigger than ourselves. It is that way with almost everything in life and it is something that we need to take into consideration as we go about our lives. We are certainly not alone in this world.