How can we take a break from all the things that worry us?

Pat Robertson recently made another attack on Gays, Gay rights, and Gay marriage. He was specifically addressing the adoption of children by same-sex couples. Pat Robertson is obviously very concerned about his views being attacked and he is attacking those that he thinks are to blame. He is worrying too much about something that he cannot control and is something that is majorly supported by straight people. It is something that he wants to control, but cannot. There are many things in our life that we want to control, but cannot. We need to break away from that mentality because it is something that we ultimately must control. The things that we cannot control are the things that ultimately affect us the most. There are, in reality, very few things in this life that we are able to control. The things that we do control, in that respect, are some of the most important decisions that we will make in our life. It is something that we have to make count. It is something that I have to look for in my life and it is something that I learned through many years of hardships. In that, we will learn a lot, even if we do not want to accept it. The universe will just continue in the path that they are going down regardless of what we think about them. We should embrace that which comes to us because it is something that we cannot control. The decisions that count are the decisions that will truly affect our life.