Selfless Sacrifice

The one who what neglects their own bodies will be at a great loss because they cheat their ways into a higher plane of existence. You will lose everything and you will be ruined if you do others. Do not be greedy or anxious for your future wealth. There is very little now and you should not be your hopes up if your hopes are dashed. Those who you lost the truth will start to not trust you, and they will not hear you and to seek the road less traveled. All bad things will vanish if you are honest and all of those who you duped will gain confidence in you. Do not hold onto those that will not give anything to you. Do not fear anyone for most people are around to help you without helping themselves. Trust that other people know the way and that other people knows what is best for you. The people who help you through life have gone through life and the things that have experienced the pains of this world. Do not fear for you will be taken all the way through and you will discover the truth for yourself. Always rely on others to help you if you’re having trouble helping yourselves. Do not let the light escape you but let the light help you. Do not let those who help you out with you, and thus lose your humanity. Make sure that you can trust them so that they can trust you. You sacrifice a lot when you trust other people to help you. If you put your trust in to those who do not help you in the end, then you will lose and they will gain, but they will not gain the treasures of heaven. Let those who live to help you, die to help you. Sacrificing your life to save another is the ultimate form of self-sacrifice upon the face of the Earth. Do not let those who are stupid help you with things that require great wisdom. But only those who are wise in the ways of this world will help you in the ways of this world. Do not fear death, for you will be given life in the light of truth. Even if you die not knowing the truth, the truth shall be given to you and your soul shall be set free. No one should be outwitted, but you should be able to trust in those who want to help you through your journey. They can help you through your journey, but they cannot save you, for you must save yourself. – Teachings of the East