Book of Actions pg 523

I am speaking to you in truth and reason. I cannot believe that none of this has stuck with you. I believe in the prophet before me and I shall be one with them in the heavens. I will persuade you successfully to seek and embrace the truth which has been revealed to you on this very day. Break the chains of the sufferings in the traditions of old and come into the ways of the new. I have done nothing to deserve any of the guilt which has been laid on me. The truth has set me free and so the truth shall set you free.

I shall travel this journey through suffering in order to come into the city of lights. I will stay on my journey of suffering until the very end of my days. Upon my death, I will seek and find the light that I have so long hoped for. Once you reach the light, the heavens will be as you make of the heavens. If you seek to live in a hell like state, then you will live in a hell like state, but if you seek to reach the heavens, then you will be in the heavens forever and ever.