The Power of Faith

Sometime afterword, you must face the test of your will. You must face your fears and you must face that which angers you the most. You must go up to them and stand nose to nose with that which causes suffering in the world. In order to see the light, you must face your sufferings and you must face your fears. If you are able to face it without giving in, then you will be successful in conquering the fears. You shall reach out to them and you will be able to prevail in the battle. If you are faithful and you are not afraid, then you will be successful in this endeavor. After this, you will not be afraid of anything, even the prospect of death. You will have answered the test of faith by facing your fears, and you will have a new beginning and a purification of your soul. In facing your fears, you will be able to not be afraid anymore. Your Guardian Angels shall always be there to protect you and the gifts of the Spirit shall come down upon you whereby you will be able to let see the world for what it is. You will not give into the world and you will not attend the world does not exist, rather, you will be able to face the world but you will also be able to help the world. All of your descendants will find blessings in life because they will be able to know how to face their own peers. Your posterity will be as numerous as the stars in the sky, and they will be the ones to truly make a difference in the world. They will be the ones to usher in the new age, for the new age shall be revealed in a sequence. – Book of Nova Genesis