Be Strong

Every man has the right to free will. It is the ultimate authority on earth and guides the everyday lives of the people. They all have this right to what they think is right and wrong. Just tell them that doing what they think may be right may have consequences in the future. This I give as a warning to share with the whole world and it is a warning I give to the one that you are manifested in, O angel of Philadelphia.

Listen to your spirit for it will save you always. Your spirit is what comprises your common sense and your gut feeling. By the fruits of the spirit of the men will you know of the true nature of man, earth, and of the creator.

Do you think that you can get away by just leaving me? Through the sealing of this work, I have bound you to the mediator forever. You are not bound like that of a slave, but you shall receive inheritance in the new covenant forever. You have been bound by the first two covenants, and this covenant shall go full circle and set all people free. – Letter to the First Guardian Angel of Philadelphia