Teachings of the East pg 423

Once you receive your gifts, you should not use your gifts to show off to anyone else. Your gifts are unique to yourself and you shall use your gifts for the power of good. You have received these gifts because of your knowledge of the truth; you shall try it with this knowledge. Miracles should not be done because miracles do not prove anything, for most miracles can be proven through other methods. Your miracles are not a result of divine intervention, rather, miracles are a result of chance and of power which you do not have or did not know you had until now. The one who is in the truth does not cease to be in the truth or they will always have the truth with them. You cannot work supernatural gifts without receiving the gift in the first place. You must not take anything except that which is been given to you, for the blessings of the world. If you deprive anyone of anything, then you will no longer be deemed to be good and you will be judged to be bad. You must not boast of any supernatural perfection that you have one that brings forth evil in your hearts. Do not employ anything which you have done the past like worship or prayer, for they are useless and sensible laws of the universe govern all things the one who does this does not understand the truth in its purest sense.