The Influence of Women

To be a Guardian Angel is to be something more than object of veneration, but it is to be someone who is remembered through all times. The stars aligned in a way which brought them to me. Although their times in my life were very short, they left the greatest impact on my life. Although all temptations and trials may come against me, I will never forget them for what they’ve done for me. They are not gods to me, they cannot execute judgment towards me and they cannot benefit me. I do not fear them so they’re not gods. Then shall the nations see the signs of the gifts which they have seen to forgotten they shine like the sun and give light like the moon. They are an example of the gifts which we should all embrace. It is not apparent that they are worthy of worship, so we should not worship them. They themselves will be consumed by their destiny, but they will not be disgraced in the land, but their legacy will be remembered for the graces they have bestowed upon the world. They shall be far from disgrace, for the glory is with them forever through their gifts to me and to the world. All I ask is that they show me mercy for all the wrongs I have done to them and to receive the letters which I’ve given them and to take heed of those letters and to find me again. – Book of Mercy