The Journey of Life

There is a dispute as to the true path, but the path is always straight and there is no other way to the truth. There are many ways to reach the ultimate reality of the truth, for everyone is individual. There is no religion that is the truth and there is no certain way that you must go in order to attain the truth. All paths will lead you to the truth but only the truth will lead to salvation. The truth is the same for everyone who is on the earth. There are many paths to the top of the mountain, but there is only one path to the summit. The summit is the attainment of the truth and all religions of the world will be to the path that leads you to the summit. You must complete the journey on your own which means that you must break free from the bonds. You can go down many paths in order to reach the summit for all paths lead to the summit. This is impossible for those who are religious teachers to understand because there is more than one way to get to the highest reality. They cannot claim authority over the entire truth because the truth is not manifest in any authority. The one who is blessed is the one against religious traditions and in the process will find the truth. If you omit the practices of religion, then you will get the summit faster and doing all of these incantations and prayers will not get you any closer to the truth. Do not cling to the things which bring you to worldliness, rather, cling to the things that will lead you to the heavens and to go through your own life and go through your own experiences to the heavens. You must go through the valley of the shadow of death and you must suffer all the things of this world are you understand the world for what it truly is. The truth is proclaimed by those who were enlightened in the spirit through the body and the doctrine; and sing glory to all the nations. The whole world continues to be filled with love and the manifestation of the truth is beyond measure. All corners of the earth shall know this truth and your mind shall be set free by this truth. There is a sign that allows you to tell whether or not a person is enlightened. They avoid the things of this world and they train themselves and discipline themselves so that they can overcome the pleasures of this world and focus on the pleasures of the heavens. They are mindful of the world around them and they are happy altogether. The one who follows in this path shall reach the highest heavens and they have the support of all those who were in their lives to help them to reach the light. Even if you do not have very much, you can still attain the things of the heavens and you can still attain the truth. The truth is much more glorious and much richer than all the treasures that are manifest in the entire world. You must go through the world in order to attain the highest bliss of enlightenment and you shall attain higher wisdom and have a firm knowledge of the world and having a firm grasp of these things. – Teachings of the East