Pure Religion

You shall attain the highest bliss and you will come again to the place where you started your journey at the end of your journey. It is time for you to turn to the highest plane of the heavens and that shall be attained by learning and pondering on all the things you have gone through in your journey to attain the truth. The one who is blessed did good for the happiness of great multitudes of people, and they did it out of the pity for the world and for the good of all mankind. Have faith that your time comes when it shall come and be satisfied that you had lived a fulfilling life while you are upon the face of the earth, because you are only upon the face of the earth but a short time. All things that were created shall be dissolved again. The human body was formed out of the dirt in shall return to the dirt from which it came. It is not possible for you to remain on the Earth forever in body, but it is possible for you to remain in the heavens for all eternity with your spirit. Everything that is born is brought into being, and is organized, and shall dissolve at the end. All things in life go through the process of living and dying and being reborn. Moral existence is the same way but heavenly existence is quite the opposite. In order to have pure religion, you must have, for a long time, embraced it and shall practice it and meditate on it and spread it so that it can do good for the multitudes of people out of pity for the world and for the gain of all of humanity. Doing all the things which are evil and relying on the things of this world do not bring people to be satisfied in their hearts. Satisfy the necessity to live on this Earth without overindulging. Satisfy the necessities of life without destroying the beauty therein. It is not through understanding that you grasp the truth because those who learned the truth by being taught to the truth will go astray from the truth. You must find the truth within your own life and you must find it by living your life and experiencing things in the world that will lead you to struggle against the sins of this world. When the seven gifts of the Guardian Angels are enlightening your minds, you will find the noble path that leads to enlightenment. Seek that which is permanent and work out your salvation without giving up. – Teachings of the East