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The Text This Week: Things are Going to Shit

Refugees, shootings, climate, wars, political battles, it is all that we see in the news. Even on a personal level, trials, death, loss, depression, and despair are all a part of our life. I talk about the good and the bad times in life as if it is a cycle. Life and history occur both in a cyclical perspective and in a linear perspective. Although we will not experience the same things, we will go through the same perspective in life, the good and the bad.

This is something that we need to remember going into this season. We need to be able to experience the good and the bad in our life.

We are in a bad time in the history of our civilization. We are experiencing great wars, mass killings, bad forms of governance, and the decline of the great classical religions. At the same time, there are newer religions rising up and changing the way in which we think of the world. The Epochalist movement is one of those and I believe that it will succeed because of the model upon which it is based.

What we are experiencing right now is something that is similar to the way in which the Roman Empire functioned near the end of the empire. At the same token, religiously, we are experiencing a shift in consciousness to the newer religions. The religions that I believe will win out in the end will be the ones that adapt the best from the older ways of thinking and going on from there.

The two religions that come to mind immediately and the religions that appeared first are Mormonism and Bahaism. These two religious movements adapted from great classical religions of Islam and Christianity and expanded on it. Many of the new age movements that exist today will come and go. The hope is that this particular movement does not result in a religion per se, but brings about an awakening and a different way in which we look at life.

That is the hope for this week as well. We should look at this time in our life and this time in our history and look at a different way of thinking about our life and the earth. This thinking will bring about a change in our society. It all starts with the individual. We cannot rely on others to change the world for us, we first need to look within. Once we flip the switch and change our thinking, we will change our life, we will change the lives around us, and we will even change the world.

Epoch is defined as a period of time. In a spritiual sense, it means the acceptance of the progressive spirit of the age. We are entering into a new epoch. We as humans need to enter into a new epoch spiritually. That is what the definition of my spiritual journey is. It is an epoch.

Things in this world are going to shit. But this is the darkness that comes before the dawn. Even though we will be human and there will always be wars, we will and are entering into a new age of thinking on a spiritual and physical level. If we are to change the world, then we are to change ourselves.

Jesus talked about the end of the age. We are in the end of the age now. Jesus told us in the Bible to look for the sign of aquarius. This transition brings about another aspect of Epochalism, which is a clean break from the past with the hope of the future coming.

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