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They Know Not What They Do

This past week, I was alarmed to learn of a shooting in my own backyard in Colorado. In Colorado Springs, an individual took it upon himself to take over a Planned Parenthood location in Colorado Springs, killing three and injuring many others. His actions are not okay on any level by anyone, at least it should be, but it is not.

There has been an outpouring of support among some religious circles because of the location of the incident. Planned Parenthood is an organization that has abortion services and it has been a frequent target by people who are pro-birth. In their rant, they have shown that they are not pro-life, in fact, they are anti-life. Even though it is not my place to ultimately judge, the actions of these people are not okay because they have shown their lack of humanity.

Instead of focusing on the people who are yet to be born, we need to be focusing on the people who are here and alive on this earth today. We show a great disregard for the majority of the people on this earth who are alive. The debate continues as to the point in which the body becomes a soul. It is my belief that the body and the soul are separate. It seems like that sometimes the people supporting the killings of others have no soul, but a soul is able to leave a body before death and a body is also able to be formed before the soul is inserted. Although this is a matter of debate, one should be most concerned with those who are with us in body and soul.

Instead of showing hate towards people who make their own choices, we need to show love towards all people. We may not agree with them all the time and we have the right to those opinions, but we should never attack or kill the person because of those choices. Those actions and words are not acceptable to the divine plan and they should not be acceptable to us either. We have the right to protest ideas, but never people. Some do not know the difference between the two.

This is comparable to the body and soul as being separate natures. The people and ideas are separate. The people and choices are separate.

Jesus knew this, along with many of the Christs, that we would not know this difference. That is why many forgave the people for not knowing. It seems like we do not know this even to this day.

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