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Through Minds’ Eyes This Week: The Divine Plan

One of the most important things in my philosophy is the concept of the divine plan. The reason that the divine plan is so important is because it is the plan by which we are all born, we are all to live our life by, and by which we are judged in the end for. It is one of the first topics emphasized in the weeks coming up to the rebirth because it is so pivotal to our development as humans. We need to remember that the divine plan was made in the beginning, was made by beings in their highest plane of existence, and remains unchanged to this day.

Humanity has always tried to live by this plan and they did so remarkably well in the beginning. We have not had direct access to the plan, so we had to find our ways of interpreting it. It was passed down orally at first and then it was later written down. At this time, kings and rulers took over parts of the divine plan and they added and modified it to suit their own needs. This is the beginning of religion. It happened at about the same time as the writings began to take hold. As different religions and philosophies came together, it became necessary for the rulers to take elements of these religions and make other ones for the sake of unity among the people. This process continues to this day. Some elements of the divine truth remain in these religions, but they have also been perverted by manmade laws and edicts, rites and rituals. 

The divine plan is remarkably simple, but it is also profoundly complicated. It is in plain sight, but it is also deeply hidden. How has this come to be?

There is no religion in the world higher than the truth. What I am attempting to do is something that many before me have attempted as well. Joseph Smith Jr bought to this world a profound deal of wisdom, but was later perverted by the lust of mankind. He lost his prophetic status before his death, but not without the truth about the basis of the new age coming out. I have done many of these things and it was only recently that I recanted and explored by roots once again. 

Many have said that you will know the truth and the truth will make you free. We will all see the truth in our life and we will manifest that in our life by moving more towards those truths if we have an open mind and an open heart. It is what brings many prophets to leave their religions of old and begin something new.

The divine plan is the state of the universe, our evolution, the state of the world and society, and the natural laws. It is also the basic laws of human nature. Our place in the divine plan is special to us and special to the divine as the only dual natured animal on the planet, but we are also a part of the planet and we have a responsibility to it. 

We each need to take strides to learn about this plan and we need to live this plan. We are all a part of it, so let us all live like we belong in it. We all have a part, so let’s live that part in our society, in our world, and in our universe.

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