The Grand Epoch of Through Minds Eyes

To reflect the changes that have been happening to Through Minds’ Eyes coming into the new year. The most notable of these changes are the change in formatting to reflect its true place. The next edition includes double column, chapter, and verse numbers. The original name of the book project was Through Minds’ Eyes: Scriptural Edition. In the spirit of the change of the name of the philosophy to Epochalism, the change of the name of the organization to the Inner and Universal Aquarian Epochal Chancellate, now the name of the book needs to be modified.

Goodbye Through Minds’ Eyes, hello The Grand Epoch of Through Minds’ Eyes. This is the original epoch, the beginning of a movement and a way of life. In addition to that, we will be releasing the book in multiple languages. Some of them are as follows.

The Grand Epoch of Through Minds Eyes      English

La gran época de a través de los ojos de mentes      Spanish

La grande époque d’à travers les yeux des esprits      French

Die großen Epoche der durch Köpfen Augen      German

La grande epoca di attraverso gli occhi della mente       Italian

العصر الكبرى من خلال عيون العقول      Arabic

大时代的通过心灵的眼睛    Chinese

Grand epoken av genom sinnen ögon     Swedish

Grand devrin kafasında gözüyle      Turkish

Época do Grand do através dos olhos dos mentes        Portugese

Grand aikakauden mielensä silmin         Finnish

마음 눈을 통해의 웅대한 기원    Korean

की भव्य युग मन आँखों के माध्यम से         Hindi

Η μεγάλη εποχή της μέσα από τα μάτια του νου       Greek

Гранд эпоха глазами умы      Russian

Các thời kỳ lớn của tâm trí con mắt       Vietnamese

Гранд эпоха глазами умы      Russian

and more…

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