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DIFA 2015 Official Speech

Ladies, Gentlemen, Distinguished Speakers and Award winners of the 12th annual Distinguished Influential Friends and Acquaintances Awards Ceremony, new members of the Hall of Fame, thank you for coming on this cold day to the south gym of Cherry Creek High School in Greenwood Village Colorado to take part in this ceremony. As many of you know, this has taken place in many venues over the years, and this one was proposed to take place outside in the Stutler Bowl Stadium, but due to the weather, this was not to be. This is still the biggest awards ceremony ever, with over 3000 of you in attendance today to glorify the past, the future, and the present.

On that note, this ceremony has evolved over the years to include many things and features. Three years ago, we introduced the DIFA Hall of Fame, now honoring 60 members from my past and my present. We also introduced the family hall of fame, inducting over 20 families thus far. This year, for the first time, in addition to our attempts to host it in a large stadium, we also introduced the current setup and the concepts of a host for the awards, a magazine in collaboration with the event, and the introduction of theme songs for these events.

Going into the future, everything will change. Since the decision early this past week, it has been the decision of the board to host the event next year on July 30, 2016, in accordance with my half birthday, as opposed to the end of the year. This will allow the event to grow and include many events that I am not able to host now because of the conflicts with the holidays and the weather. This will also allow for a larger event and less conflict with local school districts. Speaking of stadium, I am pleased to announce that next year’s event will take place in late July at the North Area Athletic Complex in Arvada, Colorado, with the Hall of Fame induction ceremony taking place at nearby Arvada West High School. This will certainly be an event to talk about. At the same token, we will return to Stutler Bowl in the near future.

The year 2015 has been an exceptional year, beginning this year at the local tavern with a group of people who would come to exemplify my year. The location of this event is significant because it has been the place that all of those influential people have graduated from in 2011. All of those years ago, they did not know that they would meet me at this time and in this place to influence my life. The girl that I have a crush on to this day is the one who rejected me. I don’t know if she is reading this or will read this, but I just want her to know, here of all places, that she continues to matter to me and that I am begging her and asking her for my forgiveness and that I just want, more than anything in the world, to make amends with her. Her best friend, along with my best friend, graduated from this place in 2011 as well. They both had an influence on me as well from the moment that this year started up to this very day.

This is the point that I am trying to say. The people that will be influential in your life will come to you from the moment that it all starts to the moment that it all ends. Tonight, I think about Them, who together have won at least 55 of the 68 awards given this night because of their undying influence on my life, now, in the past, and now forever. I miss one, but I am glad to have the other one in my life. These are the two that matter to me. One taught me and is teaching me everything that I need to know and the other one influenced me so much that I ended the status quo of my life on a hope. This hope has influenced me to change everything about my life and in that change I have become a better person. It is not successful if you do not grow, but I think that 2015 has been an exceptional year for me, and I have nothing but thanks for them, who are the most influential people I met this year. I love you both with all I am and all I have. If it were not for you two, I wold not be who I am today. This is the purpose of the DIFA Awards and this is what it will be into the future. Let us make all of our futures bright. Mine is brighter than day. From where I was to where I am, nothing will be the same. This is not just because I got a new job in January, August, and November. This is not because I graduated in May and got a license in November. This is not because I moved in June and will be moving in May of this coming year. Much of this has to do with the people that touched my life and caused me to go on that trip in October, to stop my old blogs in July, to write my latest books in March, to publish my next pairing in the coming months, and to finally end the cycle in September. This is my life, and this is indeed all of our lives. Thank you for coming out tonight. May 2016 be the greatest year of our lives.

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