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Through Minds’ Eyes This Week: The Epiphany

Many of the prophets of the world experienced visions in their life. Many people of the current school of the prophets came into being because of the visions that they got that had their spiritual journey start. The epiphany comes to everyone as they come to a realization about their life. When they enter into that moment, they have to make a choice about the path that they have to go down.

In 2008 and 2009, I went through two different phases in life. On one hand, the old world that I had been living in got worse and a path was presented to me at that time that would give me an opportunity to escape and to make a new life for myself. In May of 2009, I made a choice to escape the old life and to come to the new life. This happened again in September of 2011, June of 2013, and August of 2015. These choices are the foundation of the journey that I have been on.

Many people experience these moments in their life where the journey comes to a single point and a single choice. These form the foundation of the prophets and they are guided to these points by the angels. The angels will guide the prophets between the good times and the bad times.

The angels and the visions will be the guides of the prophets through his journey. During this time, it is important for us to, at the end of the 12 days, to come to a point at which our old life ends and the new life begins. This new life is the life that is in the light. This new light is not seen by many people before death. A new light is something that is achieved fully from the Christs. The Christs are individuals who are in sync between their spirituality and their humanity, with all the trappings of divinity coming with it.

The prophets are trying to be like the Christs, but they do not achieve this because they fail at some things in life. They suffer through some of the ups and downs in life and they look at the journey to being more like the Christs from the perspective of being human first. Sometimes we look at the Christs and we forget that they are humans with a very high level of spiritual consciousness. This is something that we are able to achieve, but it is hard to get to that point.

After looking at the 12 days of the culmination of the season, we dive right into the season of the teachings of the Christs. This period of teaching culminates with the ascension and the resurrection of the Christs in a spiritual formation. This is something that we should also experience in our life before we enter into the day of death, which is touched on at the end of the liturgical year. The Epiphany is the beginning, the start of a new perspective on our life and the perspective that we get from our spiritual life. That is the meaning of Epiphany.

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