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Epochal Doctrine and Covenants

A major new component of the website that is under development at this time is the Epochal version of Doctrine and Covenants. This version of the D and C is similar to the ones produced by the prophets who have come in the modern day to bring new revelation to light. This one is a continuation of the ones that have been established in the 1800’s and the 1900’s.

The purpose of the Doctrine and Covenants is to provide a platform for continuing revelation throughout the world. It is proposed to be a living document that brings together some of the brightest minds of the world to the people who listen to their words. The Doctrine and Covenants encompass not only the individual members of the School of the Prophets, but the School itself and its activities to the people and to world events.

This iteration of the Doctrine and Covenants is meant to be a living document, a supplement to the primary canon, a dictation of the laws of the Epoch, and is intended to be a good part of my personal website and the philosophy that I am founding.

The Doctrine and Covenants covers everything from governance to explanations of certain passages that are found in the canonical texts. These passages and doctrines needed explanations because of the complexity of the content. The covenant part covers aspects of the covenant that have not been covered clearly in the other texts. At some point, the content is fuller, but it provides the reader a fuller understanding of what entails the covenant. This is similar to the continuing revelation documents that are found in other traditions.

One of the requirements of the School of the Prophets is the idea of having a living and continuing document that outlines the changes in the world and the place of the prophets in the world. This will ensure the continued relevance of the school for now and forever and will maintain the line between the divine and the people on the earth through the servants, the members of the School of the Prophets.

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