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Through Minds’ Eyes This Week: The Sinful and The Spiritual

This week’s readings in Through Minds Eyes talks about the nature of the human condition as it is described in most major religious traditions. The classical religions, as well as the ethnic religions before it, describes the human condition as being entirely bad and the purpose of our life is to bring us out of that condition. That idea is predicated on an even older idea that we are not the same as our animalistic counterparts and that we are somehow endowed with the earth as ours to take.

The new way of describing our condition is prevalent in new age religious traditions and it is further reflected in Through Minds Eyes. The condition of our place in the world is as follows:

  • We are spiritual beings, but we are animals as well. In some ways, we are special because of our advanced ability to describe the world in an abstract form. In other ways, we are animals and that is proven due to our behavior and our advanced scientific knowledge.
  • Our behaviors as animals are not inherently bad, but they do go against the laws of our spiritual nature if we do not focus on both of them in a balance.
  • The things that many religious traditions saw as sinful are not sinful, they just need to be better controlled.
  • Even the Christs acknowledged their inherent humanity as spiritual beings, so we must do the same.

The path to the light starts with the balance and harmony between the two natures that we have. We will not have the light if we focus too much on one side and not as much on the other. The more we focus on our animalistic nature, the less we focus on our spiritual nature. This happens in the opposite way as well. The problem with most major religious traditions is that they focus too much on the spiritual aspect of our life at the expense of our animalistic tendencies. The major classical religions come from a time when we did not know of our relationship with the world and with the other animals and of our unique place in it.

Epochalism chooses to be different in that both sides are embraced, with emphasis placed on the balance that is required for us to come to the light. The path to divinity starts with the balance between humanity and spirituality, the two natures. This is the path that was prescribed by the Christs in all generations and in all religions. The path to the light is hard to follow, but it is easily placed in front of us. It all starts with the correct mindset and the embracing of certain virtues and mindsets as we go about life.

The path to the Christs starts with this realization and it is something that is not well understood in the classical and ethnic religions of the world. With the advances that we have made as humans, we realize that we are the same as the things around us, but we also have the responsibility to be good stewards of ourselves and the world around us.

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