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Through Minds Eyes This Week: Enlightenment

This week’s readings are about the process of enlightenment. Enlightenment is something that is easy to seek because we all seek it in our life and it is there and in front of us, and the process that goes to enlightenment is something that is seen in every philosophy and religion, but it is the most difficult process to undertake. 

In my writings and in my philosophy, I do not consider myself to be the Christ or to be a Christ, but I consider myself to be among the class of the prophet and a high priest. The reason for this self classification and for the differences between the Christ and the prophet lies mainly in the process of the enlightenment. 

The Christ is someone that has achieved the process of enlightenment within their lifetime. Most of their written life occurs after enlightenment. Although it seems to many as if they are gods, they do not often document their life before achieving this process. 

The Prophet is someone that has not achieved the process of enlightenment at the time of their writing. Most of their written life is before the process of enlightenment. They go through their life and they do not appear to reach that level that is so sought after. Sometimes, these prophets do become a Christ through the process of enlightenment. To become a prophet, one only needs to start the process of enlightenment.

The process of enlightenment starts with change. That change is the hardest thing to embrace.

The achievement of enlightenment is the process that results from the perfect balance of the spirit and the human.

To come to enlightenment, one must embrace wisdom and knowledge, which comes through the exploration of the texts of the Christs and the prophets. We also must be in the right mindset to change and to embrace the virtues and get rid of the vices. Many people seek religion to help with this, but people get caught up in the rites and rituals that come with religion. The key to this spiritual happiness is to get rid of religion and to embrace inner spirituality. That is something that this philosophy seeks to do. These few weeks are in preparation for the season of coming to enlightenment, when spring will have sprung, just as it always has, and will perhaps be representative of all of our lives.

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