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Another Year, Another Book

This year may be the last year that I release more than one book. My schedule may simply not allow for such a thing anymore. As soon as my website is completed with the majority of the content that it needs, my focus will shift to releasing one book and one essay per year for the foreseeable future. This is to allow me for more time to complete other projects in my life and to focus on my career.

I have made many strides over the course of my writing career to find ways to improve myself and to improve the way that I transmit information to the world. This has resulted in a streamlined blog, website, and with the organization of my writing life. I am also involved in real estate and marketing and those two things take up the majority of my time. I am also focused on living my life and transitioning from the learning and foundation stage of my career to the growth and the application part of my career. I am now in the process of learning something new in my life. 

Over the course of the next couple of decades, I will be focusing on one new book and one new essay per year. It will allow me to perform the research and devote the time that I think is good and wise to the continued development of the thing that I spent a lot of time on over the past couple of years. Now I need to shift, but it is the beginning of a shift from the foundation to the marketing and promotion of what I have been working so hard on.

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