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Through Minds Eyes This Week: Spiritual Mind

The first step to changing the world is changing yourself. The first step to changing yourself is changing your mindset. This change of mindset is at the heart of the readings this week. These readings revolve around the idea of the two minds that we have in life.

There are two inherent natures about ourselves. There is the human and there is the spirit, which exists in both mind and in body. The focus of us going to the light is a physical, as well as a spiritual, emotional, and mental transformation. This complete transformation in life is something that constitutes a full conversion. This is what the Christs and the prophets equate to a vision. It is something that is complete and encompasses everything in life.

The focus of the Book of the New Thought, which is the focus this year, is the transformation of the mind to see the world through a new set of eyes. The first two books, the Teachings of the East and the West, focus on the life of the Christs. The third book teaches us how to get to that point for ourselves. This is the change of the mind and this is seeing the world through a new set of eyes. After that point, the book of the culmination gives us a snapshot into the teachings that come with the enlightened mind.

There is a method to the readings and teachings of the books found throughout the book. As we come to the next stage of the evolution of the text, we start to understand that the first readings talk about the context of the world, which is the first step. Then we talk about the relationship between the humans the the spiritual. Then we talk about the people who help us to realize the light. The final reading talks about how we ourselves can see it. We notice the importance, the connections, our life, and our effort to make the change for ourselves.

The path to the light is an easy path, but it is also a hard path to take. It takes a lifetime for most people to achieve that light within their lifetimes. There are very few people who achieve it, let alone take the time to spread these teachings around the world. That path to the light is something that we will explore as we approach the springtime, the Renaissance. The greatest thing in life is the gift of life itself and the light is the culmination of that life. It is the job of philosophy and religion to understand life as we know it, our connection, the purpose of events in our life, and the way to reach the stage that we are purposed for.

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