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The Plenary of Years

Every year around my birthday, I like to do something little that I call the Plenary of Years. Every event has some meaning to me and should have meaning to life in general. There are many opportunities to reflect on your life, New Years, beginning of school… but Birthday is an important event for people and a good opportunity to reflect on life. It would be fair to have a new birth year’s resolution rather than the traditional New Years resolution because it is an anniversary that is important to you as an individual and it gives a greater sense of pride and ownership into something that one can better track.

In the process of this Plenary, I decided to make a few personal goals of my own to begin this new birth year that I am embarking on. This, being the first year that I make many of these events known to my readers, but now in complete detail.

According to the Second and the Third Books of Laws in the Grand Epoch, holidays and celebrations are very important to all of us as individuals and as societies. In fact, there are many such celebrations that happen in religious traditions all around the world. it seems that, with every religion being involved, there is a holy day of some sort happening every day. In the Catholic tradition, every single day is assigned to the day of certain saints.

In the Epochalist movement, there are many holidays and times of celebration, but with the newness of the movement as a whole, there are actually relatively few of these that happen on official days. There are holidays and celebrations for the solstices, the middle of the seasons, the 12 days, and with holidays pertaining to the birth of the angels and the visions.

With time, however, there will be new ones that will be added. Eventually, every single day will have a special meaning associated with it and there will always be a reason to celebrate life and all the things that it has to offer. There are bad things in life that are thrown at you and you do get some curve balls in life, but you learn from them and you move forward, perhaps to an even better opportunity. The Plenary of Years is an opportunity for us on our special days to look back on the past and to reflect on the future.

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