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Through Minds’ Eyes This Week: The Formation of Man

The last week was the last week of the time of learning before we enter into the season of the rebirth. In the season of the rebirth, we spend seven weeks on the rise and we spend an additional six weeks on the rebirth. Starting next week, the topics and purpose of the readings and the talks will be a little different.

This week’s topic focuses on the formation of mankind and of society. Here is how it is as follows.

In the beginning, the divine plan called for the formation of man. Man was formed from the spirit with the intention of being able to attain divinity by attaining the spirit of the animal and proving their worth to the world. Our goal is to attain the divine state by perfectly honing in on our spirituality and our humanity, or making them come in balance, with the intention of getting those divine attributes.

Unfortunately, in the way of attaining divinity from a spiritual standpoint is our humanity. This was planned by the divine plan. It is our plan to have this in our way so that we can prove our worth to come to a divine state. This was so much a part of the plan, in fact, that the divine plan called for society to try and seduce us to the world. By managing and controlling, not giving up or giving in, we can prove our worth. This is not to say that all of the things of the world and that all of society is bad and must be changed. In fact, it is the opposite.

This challenge is good for us. We need to come into the world and be seduced by it, because it will do so whether we like it or not. The difference is in what we choose to do with this reality. Do we give up and become a part of the world? Do we actively try and eschew these things? The middle way is always the best way. We do not have to give up and be a part of the world, but it is worse still when we try to eliminate them. They will never be eliminated from the world.

Even the Christs, who are the only humans to attain the balanced status in life and took on the characteristics of the divine, recognized that being human is being human. Even these people showed signs of emotion and of giving in to the human things. They were not perfect, but they tried and got darn close. We strive to be perfect too, but we will all fall short. This has been and continues to be a part of the plan.

Just remember.. if you have reservations about being human. Do not think that being human is a bad thing. Do not think that giving up and being a part of the world is a bad thing. None of these things are bad. We are on this earth for a short time so we need to make the most of that. The earth is full of bad things, but that is a part of the plan. We need to find the good in the bad and we need to strive to be the good among the bad. In that good, the hope and wish of all people is that we do attain the light and we make the most of the time that we do have in the light before the only guarantee in life, which is death.

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