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The Grand Epoch: We All Make Mistakes

In life, people make mistakes. We are not expected to be perfect at all. Many religions of the world entice us to be perfect, but let me tell you that being perfect is impossible. It is called being human.

When we are born, our spiritual side combines with our animalistic side. When we are in the womb, our cells are only animal in nature until, at some point, that our spirit is ignited. When we are born, we have the two natures with us and we have them with us until we die. Even as fully enlightened beings like the Christs were, we are still under the rules of human nature.

As humans, we make mistakes in life. Even the Christs made humanly mistakes. The difference is in the way in which we approach these humanly mistakes. One of the first steps to thinking like an enlightened individual is in the way that we think about our life and the things that occur in our life. This process is called mindfulness. The right mindfulness is the first step to being more like the Christ that exists within all of us.

We all have the potential to be in that state of being. We are all called to that perfection. That perfection comes with a thing called balance. If we balance our humanity and our spirituality. If we think in a new way, but still allow ourselves to be human, then we are being perfect in the eyes of the divine. The plan called for mankind to build societies and to be seduced by the world. It calls for us to experience both parts of mankind so that our decision is the right decision for all of us. The prophets and the Christs, despite having many differences, have something in common too. One of the most important things for us to understand is that they experienced both sides of what it means to be human.

Many people who claim to be religious today or completely irreligious have not had the opportunity to see “the other side”. One will not have a good and perfect existence unless they do have both types of experiences. That calls for us making some mistakes on our part, but these mistakes will allow us to have a more fruitful life. This fruitful life will bring us to a complete conversion and a complete enlightenment. Do not fret about making a mistake, for to err is human.

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