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The Grand Epoch: Sacrifice

We understand that making mistakes is being human. Our goal, as humans, is to make it so that we work to enlightenment despite our state as humans. In response to that call, we are also called to make some sacrifices so that we can get to that state.

Jesus, along with the other Christs, had to make sacrifices so that they could reach the state that they did. Many of us, in our human nature, are collective by nature. We want to have, but we do not want to give out. When we give up some things, we are embedded with the fear that we will never get anything in return. The most successful entrepreneurs in history made many sacrifices to get to where they are at today. The same holds true for the Christs, in that they, too, made sacrifices.

In order to get a great return, we have to give something initially. Even the most die hard faith based religious systems comes with some degree of sacrifice. They may not have to give up some things that works evoke, but they still have to give up an old way of thinking. As Epochalists, we are called to make sacrifices, and that is something that starts with the mental.

Do not be afraid to make some sacrifices in your life. They say that you have to spend 100 to make 1000, and that holds true for this. When we give a little, we gain a lot. Do what you can and do what you love and you will not be disappointed in the things that you get. This is why it is important to volunteer, to have balance in life, and to have the right mindset. It is hard for us to give something up, but it is very good for us to know that we can get something in return.

This is what the season is about. We will be giving some up, but we will make a lot in return. We do this in all aspects of life and it is a trait common in all successful people. Start today and look for a better tomorrow.

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