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The Grand Epoch: The Plan

With the impending release of the Grand Epoch, things have slightly changed. Originally, the second edition was to be released in ten initial installments. With the way that this new book has come out, I am proposing something that is entirely different. Let me know what you think:

  • Primary Canon: The Grand Epoch of Through Minds Eyes
  • Secondary Canon: The Deuterocanon of the Grand Epoch of Through Minds Eyes
  • Part 10 of the secondary canon, Doctrine and Covenants, Complete Description, and other revelations and the liturgical readings

Although a lot of these things may seem different. The idea is to have all three of these volumes, with the possibility of others, to be standardized in the layout and size so that they are all together. This book that just came out is the first book that I believe to be completely marketable to a wide audience. I will release more ordering details as they come to be available.

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