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The Grand Epoch: Welcome to the World

The world is a terrible place, but it can also be a beautiful place. Just like the world, we are composed of two natures. We have these two sides, the spiritual and the human, that conflict and work in harmony with the world.

Our spiritual side hates the way in which the world is. That is the great conflict in our lives that we must overcome. The second great conflict is our two natures battling it out with one another. The world and the heavens are a part of the great conflict, but they are also a part of the plan that has been laid out in the beginning. The two great conflicts and the plan are a part of the battles that we face on a daily basis.

We have two different conflicts in our life, the internal and the external. The external conflict consists of a factor that we have no control over, which is the world around us. The only conflict that we have control over is the conflict that we have with ourselves.

There are people who think that the world is something to be avoided or controlled. Unfortunately, it is something that we have no control over. So, our goal is to get control over the internal conflict so that we can deal better with the external conflict, of which we do not have complete control over.

The Grand Epoch teaches of this conflict. The world is something that the Grand Epoch stresses as the evil that we see in the world. The goal of the book is for us to understand the internal conflict and to manage the two natures so that we can be strong against the forces of the world.

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