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The Grand Epoch: False Gods

The most fundamental difference that sets religions apart is the idea that there are false gods and that each religion claims that their god is the true god. In my understanding, every religion is right and every religion is wrong. That means that every religion’s gods are both true and false.

As a Deist, I believe that god exists, but that god cannot be defined. During the first vision of Joseph Smith, he revealed the way in which god was in the nature of a Christian. Although most Christians do not want to admit it, they do think of god as that big man in the sky watching over us, a very literal interpretation of what god is. News for all of you… god is not like most people claim it is.

In the history of religion, people have tried to define what god is. There are many interpretations of what god has been and it has been defined in so many ways that it is hard to keep track of what is right and what is wrong.

Even though we do not and will not know the physical characteristics of deity, we can know the essence of it and it is the essence that we should be most concerned about. in our life. If we concern ourselves with the literal, with the physical, then we will lose sight of the spiritual and the metaphysical.

In this day and age, there seems to be the people who believe in the literal interpretation of the spiritual things and they are going against the people who believe in the metaphoric interpretation of the spiritual things, which is where we derive true religion from. True religion supports the metaphoric and the spiritual things and that is where we derive the new religions of the procession of the equinoxes from. The old, the physical, the literal, are the things that will die away in the end of the transition.

There is one true god in the world. This god is not the god of Christianity, of Islam, or any other religion. The essence of god is one and the essence of deity is one, but it is interpreted in many different ways. This is similar in nature to Hinduism, where there are thousands of interpretations of one essence… and you thought it was polytheism. It is similar to the trinity, three representations of one essence. There are no such things as true gods and false gods. Instead, it is one true and ever living essence, interpreted in thousands of ways, not one of which can be proven to be accurate.

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