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The Grand Epoch: True Religion

Religion has always been a part of the wider society. Religion and politics have always been and remain to be intertwined in our society. People do not always like it and they do not always understand it, but it is something that is a large part of life, even in the nations that claim to be secular. The question that remains on everyone’s minds is, which religion is the true religion? The answer is quite surprising… they are all true, but they are all false. They are all right for the obscure reasons and they are all wrong for the obvious reasons.

No one religion that exists can truly make their claim to be the right religion. There is always something that has to be taken on faith, the hope for things that are not seen. One should not rely on their eternal salvation through blind faith or for doing good works hoping that they would make their way to heaven. Religions in terms of understanding good works or blind faith is bad, which is also the source of all the ills of religion in this world. The more fascinating thing about religion is the rich history, theology, and philosophy that does not seem to be emphasized as much and I believe that they should be.

True religion is the application of religion in your life. If you claim to be something, then be that something. One cannot claim to be a Christian if they only go to church twice a year. Going to church is a part of one’s tradition.

My point is that you would need to practice what you claim to preach. Do not forget that spirituality is your true calling and that religion is something that should be used as the practice of your spirituality. You can change your religion on the fly, but spirituality is something that will stay with you forever.

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